Creating Unforgettable

Memories Since 2003

Mario Lambert became interested in becoming a DJ back in 2002. Not knowing much about how to blend music, he continued to pursue perfection for over a year and quickly gained a talented skill in transitioning songs and picking the right songs to play. After doing a few small events, he was confident that this was his future. In 2003 he began taking on bigger events and investing nearly $10,000 in professional equipment to give his clients the best entertainment possible.

"The company started out with hopes and dreams, I didn't know that everything would fall into place" says Mario Lambert. Having played for crowds of several thousand, Mario began building a reputation for himself. He admits that nothing came easy and that hard work went a long way to bring him to where he is today. Today, DJ Mario Lambert is still entertaining crowds at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, reunions, and many various other types of events. Since 2003, his business approach has not changed since he started the company’s first beginning. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to provide the best entertainment at an affordable price.

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